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Kakashi Hatake Costume Colored Contacts

Kakashi Hatake Costume Colored Contacts

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular characters from Naruto Shippuden. Making a Kakashi costume is a pretty simple task: his wardrobe is very easy to adapt to from common garments. What’s not that easy is his hairstyle...

So, in order to achieve the best Kakashi cosplay, we’ll need to pay special attention to his hair, which is what we are focusing in right now.

1 – Get a wig or dye your own hair in grey/silver/white colors. Totally white wigs are ok, but it’s better if you can find a silver or light grey one, for it matches better with the original.

2 – Put the headband on the wig, it is better if you do this now and also will be good as a reference.

3 – Cut the wig hair, creating uneven locks, that later will be shaped in spikes. Do this by cutting different lengths of hair for each lock. How? Get the hair in one hand, place the sissors near the roots, press a little bit so only a few hair is cut and move the sissors down closing it more and more (better if you open and close the sissors a bit each time) until you reach the end of the hair. Be careful, you shouldn’t crop it straight for it will ruin the effect. You can use the sissors like a razor to achieve a better shape.

4 – Use a comb on the roots, up and down, to raise the hair up.

5 – Apply hairspray (choose a very strong one) to the roots and use a hairdryer to fix the hair up.

6 – Put some styling gel on the tip of your fingers and twist the ends of the locks to create the spikes. Apply hairspray from time to time, to secure the locks you’ve already shaped. Use the hairdryer every time you do this. Take a look at a reference image: Kakashi wears his hair to one side, and some locks fall in front of his headband.

7 – Once you think you’re done, apply a last coat of hairspray and dry one more time. Your wig is ready to be worn!