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Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay: transforming yourself into a ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay: transforming yourself into a ghoul

 Warning: this is not only a cosplay, this is also a complete transformation. If you like tattoos and body piercing, here’s the perfect cosplay for you.

Let’s start with your hair. Oh yes, it’s serious. No wigs allowed here. If your hair is not black, you will have to dye it. Now, get your undercut hairstyle: shave or cut your hair very short on one side of your head. Let the rest hang loose and natural to the other side. If your hair is not straight, you will have to use a flat iron on it. Tie some of it back in a sloppy ponytail.

Now, let’s get your face and ears pierced... Already done that? Wonderful! Haven’t done it and would not do it for just a cosplay? Oh... ok. What a disappointment... Luckily for you, there are some other less painful options.

- Faking your bead piercings: use eyelash glue on the beads (metal or plastic ones) and sick them near your eyebrow. Use tweezers to handle them so they don’t get stuck to your fingers. You can do the same for the ones that go on ears.

- Hoop piercings: those are easier. You can use just a metal hoop and close it until it gets firmly holded (may hurt a little) or just get fake ones. There are many options that will work on lips and ears as well.

- Other kinds of piercings: there are also fake ear tunnels and magnetic options for almost any piercing shape.

If you didn’t want to pierce your face and ears, let’s just assume that you won’t get tattooed either. So, you can use bodypaint on your arms, chest and neck... or maybe henna to make the tattoos last longer (up to 2 weeks)... Use images as references: apart from the designs on arms, hands and fingers, he has a sun tattoed on his chest, and the "I can live neither with you, nor without you" latin sentence written in greek letters on his neck.

Uta wears what appears to be a leather stripe necklace with two pendants. You can easily make it or just buy it. He also wears a gray or white tank top (with hoops) underneath a black wrap sweater, along with harem pants and black sandals. That’s all very easy to get.

Paint your nails in black and take some marshmallow eyes with you: you can eat them and scare people away!

Finally, Uta’s kakugan appears to be always activated, so you need to wear your Tokyo Ghoul Red & Black Sclera Contacts all the time!

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