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10% off Code "MagicCarrot"🥕
10% off Code "MagicCarrot"🥕

Our Story

Let's create the MAGIC moment.

We are building a fantastic and professional consumer experience on our platform; we are not only selling products, but also creating a magical moment with our customers; when you wear our crazy lenses, you are lightened with enchantment, and we believe you are thrilled at that moment.

Enjoy the wonder of the present, and enjoy your life.

Premium Contacts & Fast Free Shipping

Each idea comes from an issue. We found that wearing cosmetic contacts can be really uncomfortable sometimes, due to incorrect use or the low quality of contacts. It can even cause serious eye problems. 
Our founder's experience is even worse. A few years ago, he bought a pair of contacts online, and he waited for almost 1 month to get it, the funniest thing is that a month of waiting all in return for 1 week of eye infection.
That's when he made up his mind to provide premium quality contacts and deliver them within 1 week, especially in North America.

For the past 3 years, we screened world-class factories in South Korea, Taiwan, to assure that every lens of ours is strictly manufactured and tested.
Eventually MocoQueen was founded, delivering great crazy contacts and happiness quickly, instead of waiting and worrying.
Running a business is not easy, actually pretty hard. We, however, only live once. We need to be crazy enough to fulfill whatever we are dreaming of. It’s not about winning, it’s about NOT giving up. Please follow your heart, to the magic moment.


1305 N Watters Rd, Allen TX 75013