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Demon Slayer Contacts

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Demon Slayer Contacts Technolygy

Safe and Comfortable

Are you a Anime Coser? Are you worried about the lens quality? Need a pair of demon slayer contacts for a party? With new lens tech, the lenses are safer and healthier.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Costume Contacts

“Anyone who hurts my sister… Hashira or not, I won’t let you get away with it.” – Tanjiro Kamado

UV Blocking & Tear Circulation

Reduce UV damage, prevent corneal aging. The tiny gap between the lens and the eye is conducive to oxygen circulation.

Happy Customers

I am returning customer and everything was perfect as last time. Owner and the rest of the team are very friendly ,kind and helpful, and lenses are amazing and high quality. I've got free pair of cosplay lenses as a gift, which is amazing and some lens tools and cases 💚 I really looking forward to order from MocoQueen again 💚
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I loved the contacts I got from here last Halloween. Really good quality. Shipping is a little slow but I believe they’re coming from Singapore so I don’t really mind that. The prescription was spot on too.
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