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10% off Code "MagicCarrot" 🥕

How to wear the colored contacts?


Remember to soak the lens in solutions for at least 4-8 hours before wearing.

Step 1
Wash and dry your hands to make sure you don't transfer dirt or bacteria into your eye, which can cause an infection.
Step 2
Put the contact lens on the tip of your index finger with the concave, cup side facing up.
Step 3
While looking in the mirror, use your middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid and lashes.
Step 4
Place the contact onto the surface of your eye. The bottom edge of the contact should be the first part to touch your eye. It should do so on the white part of your eye just above where you have pulled your lower lid down.
Step 5
Press the contact onto the surface of your eye until you feel it stick. When you take your finger away, the contact should float on the surface of your eye. Blink to adjust it to the correct position.

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