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🐰 1 Get 1 Free "PurpleCarrot" 🥕
🐰 1 Get 1 Free "PurpleCarrot" 🥕


Looking for FREE Pairs of contact Lenses to Review?

Are you a cosplayer guru looking for a free pair of MocoQueen contact lenses for review? We would love all of you to contact us for this sponsorship program!

Why join MocoQueen Sponsorship program?

1. Free high-quality contact lenses
2. Rewarding sales commission from your channel
3. More exposure through MocoQueen official social accounts
4. Rewarding the whole cosplay community

How to join?

1. Fill out the form below 
2. Choose your lenses
3. Make reviews for our lenses (prefer videos in TikTok)

Other Business Opportunity

You are welcome to contact for any other business or advertising purposes too!

Now, all you need to do is to fill out the form below (limited seats every month):